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Play Like a Pro

The Xbox® Universal Strike Pack Dominator is an innovative controller adapter that adds paddles and high-end gaming functions to your Xbox® Series X|S or Xbox® One controller, transforming your gaming experience without requiring any permanent modifications.

Effortless Setup and Functionality

Setting up is easy - simply attach it to your controller and connect it to your console with the provided 10ft USB cable. This adapter allows instant button mapping and includes the latest shooter mods. Plus, there's no need to worry about voiding your warranty!

Intuitive Control System

The built-in controller mods use a revolutionary control system that provides full command from the controller. No apps or PC software are needed. With numerous MOD combinations such as Rapid Fire, Burst Fire, Quickscope, Auto Run, Drop Shot and more, you can customize your gaming to fit your style.

Experience Lag-Free Connectivity

Benefit from a lag-free wired connection. This 10ft wired connection is ideal for professional players, as it bypasses Bluetooth's potential interference and lag issues, providing an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Paddles for Enhanced Comfort and Control

The ergonomic magnetic paddles are designed for comfort and follow the natural grip of the controller. These custom paddles offer precision haptic feedback, ensuring consistent performance. You can map not just the face buttons but also the triggers and bumpers, and even the LS and RS analog sticks to the paddles. This lets you maintain control over thumbsticks and triggers while accessing face buttons, improving your response time.

One-Touch, On-The-Go Paddle Mapping

Our advanced paddle tech offers on-the-fly hardware-based paddle mapping. You can assign any button to the paddles, including face, shoulder, and analog stick buttons, at any time. More advanced mods can also be mapped to the paddles for a customizable gaming experience.

Fully Customize Your Controller

With hundreds of built-in MOD combinations, the Xbox® Universal Strike Pack Dominator lets you tweak your controller to your heart's content without risking your warranty. MODs such as Rapid Fire, Burst Fire, Anti-Recoil, Quick Scope, and Turbo 2.0 are all included. Game-specific MODS like Autospot for the Battlefield® series and Easy Double Jump for Call of Duty® series are also included.

Further tailor your controller with the Rumble Control MOD to toggle rumble and the Hair Trigger MOD for a faster trigger response. All these modifications can be activated from your controller without any software, giving you complete control.

Controller Support: The Xbox® Series X|S controller model 1914 is supported, and the Xbox® One Controller models 1537, 1697, and 1708 are also supported. Xbox Elite controllers are not supported.

Download the Windows Updater HERE 
Download the Mac Updater HERE 

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